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official homeschool transcript

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HOMESCHOOL OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT High School Name High School Address High School Phone Credits Earned Student Name Student ID Cumulative GPA Birth Date Anticipated Graduation Date Test Scores M W PSAT Date CR ACT Date E/Writ R S C NINTH GRADE Year Course Title Grade Credits GPA CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 PAGE 2 ELEVENTH GRADE Year TWELVTH GRADE Year indicates community college...
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Who uses the Homeschool official transcript?

This form is used by the students who are educated at home and by their parents to indicate which courses the students have completed, what credits they obtained and with what grades. This form is very important for students, as they have to submit it when applying for a college.

What is the purpose of the Homeschool transcript for college?

The transcript indicates the student’s academic progress in a high school during four years of studying: ninth grade year, tenth grade year, eleventh grade year and twelfth grade year. This form contains information about the student’s academic courses, grades, and credits they earned. This data is used by the college administration to make an admission decision.

Is the Homeschool official transcript accompanied by other forms?

When applying to college, the student, as a rule, has to provide other required documents together with this form.

When are the High School transcripts due?

The Official transcript is given to the student when he/she graduates from the High school.

What information should be provided in the high school transcript forms?

The academic homeschool transcripts must contain the following information:

  • Name of the High school, address and phone
  • Name of the student, ID, birth date
  • Total amount of credits earned, GPA, graduation date
  • Test scores
  • List of the courses in the ninth grade year with grades, credits, GPA for each course
  • List of the courses in the tenth grade year with grades, credits, GPA for each course
  • List of the courses in the eleventh grade year with grades, credits, GPA for each course
  • List of the courses in the twelfth grade year with grades, credits, GPA for each course

The school administration should indicate the date of issue and sign the transcript.

Where is the Homeschool official transcript forwarded?

The transcript is signed by the school administration and given to the student for further submission to the chosen college or for his/her personal records.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing high school transcript template
Instructions and Help about fill high school transcripts form
Hello my name is dawuan Johnson and welcome to the understanding your transcript elearning tutorial i understanding how to read your transcript is a very important part of progressing through high school and earning credits to eventually receive your diploma additionally if you have aspirations of going to college or university it's important to know what classes that you're taking whether they be honors AP ib college prep you want to make sure that you are heading in the right direction to pursue your goals so in this tutorial we're going to familiarize yourself with the layout sections of our high school transcript and then we're going to go in a little deeper into where the grades the GPA the course tags and the credits are displayed on your transcript so I'm glad you're joining me today I hope you enjoy the understanding your transcript you learning tutorial and let's go ahead and get started alright so the first part of our tutorial here we're gonna go right over what the transcript looks like we're gonna go over what the sections are so let me a large this for you so you'll be able to see them as you can see here our student of the Bron James his transcript and when you initially see a transcript for the first time this is what you see it's a lot of data in here but my goal today is to help you navigate to the sections you need to be in or the sections you want to identify so there's three main parts as you can see there's a student information section there's the school grades and course section and then at the bottom is the course section those are the three main parts what will break down each individual part so you'll have a better understanding of what to identify what to look for the first part the student information section has the student's name their ID number the grade that the student is in birthday parent information address phone number and the school attendant I call that part the SIS or the student information the next section is where the other grades excuse me the school attended a great level in the year attended so for the students here LeBron you can see his transcript start seeing the grade nine in the summer where he took a looks like a biology honors course and then as we go through the transcript you can definitely see you know the grades on here and the credits received and the courses that he has taken the next section which is quite small but is very important there's the course tag section and the course tags these course tags identify the classes that the student has taken I'm an Astra could represent a non-academic course a plus I would represent an honors course a P represents a college prep course and R represents a repeated course so just to make things a little bit more clear this is the course tag information for LeBron during his 10th grade year in the spring of 2013 2014 the classes that have the P our college prep classes that have the plus or honors and then once again the class what the asterisk is...
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